Scenic Pale Ale

This light Ale allows anyone to enjoy the hoppy aroma, while not overpowering you with the bitterness of an IPA. An everyday drink for any recreational use.  Great on the slopes this Winter! Make sure you keep your head up.

4.8% ABV 38 IBUs 12 SRM



Named after an enjoyable climb outside Denver, Colorado. Gambit providesan extremely enjoyable moderate traditional climb to the summit of Shirttail Peak. The views are excellent from any point on the route, stretching from Denver to the Indian Peaks. This route reminds me of my first climbing experience at YMCA Camp Tippecanoe with Shawn and my fellow counselors.

​​5.0% ABV 22 IBUs 4 SRM



 An IPA which explains our path through life with a unfinished map to our destination.  We bring in several hops of floral, tropical, citrus, and pine to show a classic American IPA.  These hops explain the forest we travel and the beaches we want to explore.  A beer for every occasion and to start the next adventure.

6.5% ABV 76 IBUs 10 SRM


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Andes Accent Amber Ale

Named by a Brew Crew member for the many climbs he's attempted.  Amber ales have a stronger caramel flavor, more body,  and have a balance between bitterness and maltiness.  Great year round beer!

5.6% ABV   29 IBUs 14 SRM