Summer Stroll

Our newest addition brought to us from Louie our new assistant Brew Master.  He's completed the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail and will be shooting for the "Triple Crown" next year and complete the Continental Divide Trail.  This Lemon Hefeweizen with a crisp finish is a great beer to celebrate an afternoon stroll on the trail.

Cheers Louie!

6.0% ABV 11 IBUs 6 SRM



An American Red Wheat grain is the center of attention in this crisp beer.  Grown in North Carolina in the appalachian mountain region.  A symbol of Americana from the past to the present.  It's earthy tone hops surrounded by its Appalachian wheat grain makes this beer the perfect sunset watch.


6% ABV 24 IBUs 9 SRM


This Black IPA comes from a friends story of a place just far away from civilization yet close enough to wander too and enjoy it's scenic solitude.  The high initial bitterness from Summit hops  and the variety of dark and sweet malts rounds the flavorings.  Nothing could be as different yet pleasurable than this Black IPA.

Cheers Joe!

8.4% ABV 65 IBUs 40 SRM

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 An IPA which explains our path through life with a unfinished map to our destination.  We bring in several hops of floral, tropical, citrus, and pine to show a classic American IPA.  These hops explain the forest we travel and the beaches we want to explore.  A beer for every occasion and to start the next adventure.

6.0% ABV 66 IBUs 10 SRM


Mike tells me he and his buddies plan road trips around the breweries from West Virginia to Colorado.  His favorite beer is Belgian Dubbel and here's to you Mike.  I often look for breweries to stop at for lunch or dinner as I travel the United States. There's nothing more american than a locally brewed beer. 

Cheers Mike!

6.8% ABV 11 IBUs 17 SRM

Scenic Hollow Pumpkin Ale

American Amber Ale with our unique Pumpkin recipe addition!

6.7% ABV 23 IBUs 10 SRM


​Our irresistible Coconut Porter reminds us of sitting at a camp fire having smores with friends and family while telling a recent story along side a cold beer. It's name exemplifies our TAPROOM decor and feeling as you gather around to rest and rejuvenate and tell your stories.

7% ABV  20 IBUs 40 SRM   


Along the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains lies Davenport Gap shelter at just under 3000 ft in elevation. This beer celebrates the first adventure my wife Hillary and I took together.

5 % ABV 24 IBUs 19 SRM



Named after an enjoyable climb outside Denver, Colorado. Gambit providesan extremely enjoyable moderate traditional climb to the summit of Shirttail Peak. The views are excellent from any point on the route, stretching from Denver to the Indian Peaks. This route reminds me of my first climbing experience at YMCA Camp Tippecanoe with Shawn and my fellow counselors.

5.3% ABV 25 IBUs 10 SRM

Back Country Class VI

Our surprise addition!  An Imperial IPA dedicated to my fellow Soldiers and brothers in Arms.  One hearty IPA with six hops, a light color and full of character.  Each hop a representation of who we are from the Warrior, Centennial, Chinook (shout out to Aviation), Fuggle (noble hop), Columbus (Headquarters),  and at the end of the day Cascade to sit back and relax as a quite professional.  Only place to get beer on Post is at the Class VI, so here's to all our hikers out there looking for trail magic!

9.1% ABV 90 IBUs 14.6 SRM